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Module cleaning Services - Rooftops



  PlasmaBerry Solar is now a firmly established organisation in various areas of operations & Maintenance (O&M) for Solar systems. If you own or maintain a commercial solar panel array, you will no doubt be interested in reaping the largest financial reward from your array and seeing your ROI as soon as possible.  PlasmaBerry Solar will help you to do just that.  Having dirty solar panels can severely dent your ROI time.  Clean solar panels result in more light hitting the solar cells resulting in more generation which in turn translates to more money, sooner. We offer a complete solution for Solar Panel Cleaning. Our guaranteed 24-hour response time ensures that your solar panels instantly increase their output.

If you offer an O&M package to your clients, PlasmaBerry Solar can work under your umbrella contract and offer Panel Cleaning as an outsourced service to your customer.  

We offer services to Residential, Commercial outfits as well as to large solar farms. PlasmaBerry Solar, provide an option for manual, automated and mechanized cleaning, on ground mounted solar farms and rooftop solar arrays. 

Our Service Presence



Plasmaberry has ambitious plan to spread it's solar panel cleaning service network   across India. Currently our services are available at

  • Maharashtra - Mumbai, Nagpur,Pune
  • Andhra Pradesh - Nellore, Vishakhapattanam, Ongole
  • Telangana -  Hyderabad, Tirupati
  • Tamilnadu - Chennai, Kanchipuram, 
  • Karnataka - Bangalore, Devenhalli
  • Delhi
  • Hariyana - Gurgaon ( NCR)
  • Chandigarh 
  • Himachal Pradesh - Baddi



We use various options for solar panel cleaning, right from manual to Semi-automatic to robotic systems depending upon the site, array outlay and environmental conditions. However, all of these systems come at an expensive premium, so the best tried and tested method is regular manual solar panel cleaning. Our various cleaning methods are  

  1. Manual – We have tools to clean panel 10 meter farther using telescopic mop adjoined with purified water spray. 
  2. Semi-Automatic – We use semiautomatic buffing machines with water spray arrangement where physical reach would not be possible.
  3. Automatic – For the large panel arrays like solar farm we use robots to clean series of panel strings. 
  4. Cleaning Solution – We use soap concentrate which is specifically formulated for use in water systems and ensure that correct amount of soap is applied to the panels. Our soap concentrate is designed to clean solar panels without any damage to the solar panels, frames, or roofing materials. The concentrate formula is biodegradable.

Why customer prefer us as their Solar Panel Cleaning partner


  1.  We are extremely conscious of the fragility of solar panels. Hence we avoid walking over the solar panel any point in time.
  2. We work with customer suitable time.  Often commercial houses need to be serviced on the weekends or at night to avoid disrupting their day to day activities.
  3. A clean solar panel is more productive. Our solar panel cleaning technology will leave the solar panels clean for up to ten times longer than the methods used by other companies.
  4. We have adopted all types of cleaning techniques right from manual to semi-automatic to Robotic.
  5. Our cleaning methods for commercial systems are different from our residential methods. As each system has it’s own set of challenges our cleaning methods are adapted to meet those needs     

Type of Services


 Our baseline services are as follows. However to get best  results, these services are supposed to be delivered in various combinations depending upon customer environment and needs. We offer various annual service packs combining following services

  1. Deep Cleaning (DC)- This is done initially, if panels are very dusty with hard layer of dust stuck on panels.
  2. Soft Cleaning (SC)-   This is regular cleaning with washing solution and water. Suggested frequency is once in a quarter for city environment and monthly if industrial environment.
  3. Anti Dust Shielding Treatment (ADS) - This is a hydrophobic filming of panel which is done initially to reduces future cleaning cycles and the next cleaning can be done only by purified water. This film carries warranty of 2 years.There is no deterioration of solar generation, in fact it uplift generation by few % due temp gradient management.
  4. Dry Cleaning - This service is required by large solar farms where water is scarcely available, like desert of Rajasthan. We use Robotic machines to clean such panels  
  5. Water Splashing (WS)- This service is followup to ADS service.

Based on above services we have service plans under the category of Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum, created to support installations at residential, commercial and solar farms.

Our Annual Service Plans


Every solar array is unique and depending upon different environmental factors, the recommended frequency of each clean will vary.

Annual Service Plans for Residential 

  1. Basic -         1-DC+3-SC  for city environment.
  2. Silver -        1-ADS+1-WS  for site near dusty main road.
  3. Gold  -         1-ADS+3-WS for site near industrial zone.
  4. Platinum-  1-ADS+1-DC+11-WS  for site near chemical industrial zone

Annual Service Plans for Factories and Commercial Houses

  1. Basic -        1-DC+5-SC   within for city environment.
  2. Silver -       1-DC+11-SC   for site near dry & dusty farm road.
  3. Gold  -        1-ADS+11-WS  for site near industrial zone.
  4. Platinum- 1-ADS+1-HC+3-WS for site in Chemical industrial zone. 

Module Cleaning Services- Solar Parks



Due to shear geographic size and various resource limitation, module cleaning activities for solar park requires different approach. We specialise in undertaking complete project management of module cleaning system ( see separate section for MCS ) and services.


Following are the various challenges faced by the large solar parks for module cleaning services.

  1. Lack of local water Storage
  2. Absence of systematic water distribution system across geography
  3. Available water source is from the earth with full of minerals
  4. Absence of sufficient water storage system
  5. lack of trained local manpower 

Since module cleaning plays a vital role in solar generation, large utility level solar parks requires huge amount of water for cleaning the modules due to frequent cleaning cycles. Apart from that the water distribution across large geography is another challenge in module cleaning services. Growing grass near the modules is another issue that affects solar generation if not treated periodically

We deploy various techniques to 


We undertake entire turnkey contract while delivering module cleaning services. The basic modules are 

1. Waters Arrangement from local source -  Required water is organised from the available local water supplies through tankers on daily basis.

2. Water Storage is done into local storage tanks specifically designed for long and large storage.

3. If water is mineralised beyond 1000 ppm the same is treated using RO plants before used for cleaning

3. water Distribution- Water is distributed using mini-tractors equipped with water pressure pumps, hose and pressure nozzles. 

4. Local team is identified and trained for the module cleaning. 

5. Separate grass cutters are used to cut the grass in regular frequency.


1. Module Cleaning -  2 times or 4 times in a month. The services are delivered during night time to avoid any generation loss.

2. Grass Cutting - 2 to 3 times in a year. The services are delivered during a daytime. 

Service Hygiene

We undertake Service hygiene in following ways

1. Delivery Team - Delivery team apart from being trained to clean the modules, they are protected with right safety tools and insurance while working in day and night.

2. Service Reporting - We have devised strong reporting system to keep customer informed about our delivery completion on daily basis. 

Robotic Automation migration Program

Robotic Automation migration depiction

"Zero"- Migration Program

"Zero"- Migration program is designed for those customers having lot of sites which are using manual module cleaning system (MCS)  to be migrated to automated  Robotic MCS,  for reducing cost of services, while improving quality of cleaning. 

Objectives of the program

  1. Help customer visualise potential of "Zero" Robots results
  2. ROI planning for overall automation
  3. Systematic planning for migration
  4. Systematic Robot deployment and team training
  5. Hand holding local team for optimum results

Benefits of Robotic Module Cleaning

  1. Reduction in Cost of Module Cleaning
  2. Increase in no. of cleaning cycles per month
  3. Uniform & Improved cleaning quality
  4. Conservation of water usage during module cleaning



1. Defining the various plants that need to be automated


2. Conducting Proof of concept for Robotic MCS in suggested site / sites to confirm proclaimed results


3. Define priority sites for migration and design site wise bill of material for Robotics migration

4. Define goals to be achieved at every stage of the migration

5. Define systematic deployment plan stages for selected site.


6. Implement pilot plan through our tech team and check the results.

7. Train the local team and help them deploying balance robots.

8. Handhold the local team till entire site is fully migrated to automation.

9. Switch to next site for migration


10. Manage MCS delivery through our teams at defined rate.

Proof of Concept of Robotic Module Cleaning

We offer end to end proof of concept for Robotic Module Cleaning at desired customer location  by undertaking .  

  1. Forward / backward logistics of Robot and accessories
  2. Technical team for installation
  3. 1 week demonstration of results through our tech team.

Operations & Maintenance Services for Solar Farms

Operations & Maintenance Services


 System Health MonitoringPreventive Maintenance

  • Panel cleaning
  • Water Drainage Management
  • Retro Commissioning 
  • Up-keep of Data Acquisition and Power Generation System

Corrective Maintenance

  • Critical system parameter monitoring 
  • Critical and Non critical Reactive repairs to reduce power degradation 
  • Warranty enforcement with Vendors

Condition based Maintenance

  • Proactive repairs based on past failure history 
  • Planned equipment replacement based on OEM warranty


Central Helpdesk


Please call us on 7718800749 for customer support and our central helpdesk shall ensure the prompt response to your requirements