Progeny-s with 5 years Equal Monthly Installments facility


Are you looking for reducing electricity bill of your bungalow / Hsg. Society -


PlasmaBerry Solar, has developed special product range under Progeny-S which offers affordable Solar PV system for Bungalows and housing societies. The entire design is ready to fix kit basis with standard supplies. Progeny-S comes with capacity from 2 KW till 50 KW with 5 year limited warranty. 

Standard Supplies with Progeny-S

  • Solar module array of 325 Watts ( Polycrystalline ) with rooftop rails
  • On-Grid Inverter with 98% efficiency
  • AC/DC/Earthling Cables of Standard Lengths
  • Earthing & lightning Arrester Kit
  • AC/DC Isolators with enclosures
  • Net-meter 
  • Installation / Commissioning with 5 Year limited warranty

Financial Packaging*

Plasmaberry offers, Easy Loan facility at lowest rate of 11% for 5 years equal monthly installments (EMI)

Our facilitation*

As a right customer experience with Plasmaberry , following facilitation is a part of the entire Progeny-S package.

  • Customised Panel Mounting design
  • Installation and Implementation 
  • Periodic monitoring of Solar generation
  • End to End coordination with electricity company for relevant approvals
  • Complete process and documentation management for the loan approval

How do you book your Progeny-S

Please call on 7718800496 or drop mail on and our sale team shall be nmore than happy to respond to all your queries.

*Conditions apply

No upfront cost & pay for usage at fixed cost


Are you still buying expensive electricity ???


Electricity cost has a very high impact on balance sheet of any business house. Implementation of Solar energy can improve profitability by reducing electricity bill. While solar energy has been a buzzword across the industries, upfront investment in the technology could be a slow starter. 

Solar system at no upfront cost


PlasmaBerry Solar, an organisation dedicated for Solar technologies, offers Solar PV system installed on your rooftop or terrace without you investing for it and pay as per usage (OPEX) at a fixed rate for 25 years. The solar plant is connected under net metering arrangement so that Solar credits could be utilized during non-solar period, bringing down electricity bill considerably low. 

Customer Benefits


  1. No upfront investment in the technology. 
  2. Securitize your energy cost for next 20 years with flat rate & no escalation. 
  3. Zero spends on technology maintenance.
  4. Considerable reduction in current electricity bill.
  5. Net-metering arrangement for solar credits.
  6. Heat transfer from roof is reduced to a great extent as maximum area of the roof is covered by Solar Panels.