Center of Excellence Partner Program ( COEPP)


Center of Excellence Partner Program

Plasmaberry, as a master distributor of Jetsons Robotics Pvt Ltd, is in the process of creating Center of Excellence across the country at strategic locations, to create better customer experience. 

Objectives of the program

  1. To create facility for demonstrating full features of Zero Robot to aspiring customers at actual working site
  2. To improve customer experience about the product
  3. To evaluate product performance parameters under actual field testing conditions

COE Partner Program Overview

  1. COE shall be created at defined strategic locations across country by appointing partners (COEP).
  2. Jetsons shall certify COE partner and it’s location and train COE team for support services.
  3. Plasmaberry shall be responsible for 
  4. Fulfilment of COE infrastructure and it’s commencement.
  5. Approval of Proof of Concept (POC) customer. Only for approved customer, partner shall be paid for COE instance as per defined rate.
  6. Selection / appointment of COE partner for POC delivery.
  7. Conduct periodic audits on COEP centers for quality and compliance. 

Benefits of COE Partner


  1. Flat price discount on purchasing of Robots and it’s peripherals to COE partner for setting up Center of Excellence
  2. Additional revenue stream for conducting demonstration sessions with aspiring customers and adding value to sales cycle
  3. Additional discount on products , used for self consumption.
  4. Inclusion in partner co-funded marketing umbrella program to Increase their own market penetration

COE Partner Credentials


  1. Should be in the business of Solar PV services ( EPC / O&M)
  2. Should have at-least one site where the demonstration Robot can be implemented and will be used frequently for actual usage. 
  3. COE site Should have minimum one fully loaded 4 Meter Robot in operations.
  4. One Site can not have more than 3 Robots under COE 
  5. Minimum 1 trained operator at site

Expected Role of COE Partner


  1. To maintain suggested Robotic infrastructure at defined COE location 
  2. Run demonstration of Robotic cleaning to any ( qualified by Jetsons / Plasmaberry ) new customer
  3. Make local logistic ( stay / food / travel ) arrangement for visiting customer at defined cost.
  4. Can not sell COE infrastructure in Market
  5. COE partner can be sells & delivery partner as well

To Download COEPP document click here