Module cleaning Systems and Solutions

Automation-Sprinkler based system, Sprinko

Sprinkler system is an automation in module cleaning system designed for Bugalows, factories rooftops where the access to panel is not very easy.

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Automation- Robotics

Robotics is an automation in module cleaning system deployed for large utility level solar plants

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Anti Dust Shielding (ADS)

Anti Dust shielding helps reducing cleaning cycles in the localities where the chemical dust is high.

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Module Cleaning System-Water Distribution

This is applicable for the solar plants which are spread across large geography and water distribution is very important for module cleaning.

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Module Cleaning System - Water treatment (RO)

Solar panels are susceptible to mineral deposits of water used for cleaning the modules. The water used from boring is treated for right quality before splashed over the modules using these reverse osmotic (RO) water treatment plants  

Module Cleaning System- Water Storage

Specially designed storage tank for storing water to be used for module cleaning services

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Automated Module Cleaning System - Sprinko




Airborne dust particles, sticky tree and plant sap, lichen, soot and bird droppings are just a few of the things that can contribute to a build-up of dirt on your panels. Accumulation creates shading and therefore will prevent sunlight reaching the cells. This results in poor system performance, loss of efficiency and a loss of financial return for the owner and investor of solar energy. Various reports mention losses of up to 10% to 25% in electricity generation as a result of dirt. Most of the time modules are not cleaned regularly due to 

  1. Unavailability of skilled manpower
  2. Non accessibility to panel areas
  3. Risk in Climbing high rooftops

Automated Sprinkler System - Sprinko


Sprinko is water-sprinkler based programmable & automated Module cleaning systems helps module cleaning without getting into any inhibitions, and maximizes production from solar panels. Our system offers state-of-the-art automation, Customised for specific soiling environment. System once installed requires minimal maintenance &  highly useful where the available water is with high impurities. 


SPRINKO is highly scalable & versatile


Sprinko is highly scalable and adaptable to any number & type of panels placed under mixed layouts, be it small Bungalow, factory rooftop or large utility scale project . 

The Central unit packaged with various automated facilities like

  • To add cleaning agent for soft cleaning
  • Water treatment plant to manifest clean water during cleaning
  • Angular sprinklers to offer water throw of 2/4/8 meter covering  90 / 180 / 360 degree ensuring optimal usage of sprinklers and water. 
  • User friendly micro controller helps programing cleaning schedule for a day.

Automated Operations

 It is suggested to operate Sprinko system during night or early morning, when solar panels are relatively cold & moist , for 15 to 25 minutes. Customer are facilitated to set convenient cleaning schedule through micro-controller and allow module cleaning done unattended. 


 • Improved Electricity Generation

• No dependency on external agency for manual cleaning. 

• Least maintenance

• No climbing on risky rooftops

• Compatible to all sizes of PV systems and all types of installation formats.

• Faster ROI 

• No wear and tear

• No damage to Solar Panels

• Water treatment - max.10 ppm of calcium and magnesium to prevent lime buildup or stains. 

• Cleaning takes place when the panels are cold and inactive

• Very economical use  of critical resource like water

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Robotics Module Cleaning System

Module Cleaning Robots from M/s Jetson Robotics Pvt Ltd.

Our Technology Partner for "Zero" Robot

 Module cleaning Robots are indigenously designed and manufactured by M/s Jetsons Robotics Pvt Ltd, in India  

Authorized Master Distributor for Jetson Robotics

 M/s PlasmaBerry Solar Pvt Ltd is a sole distributor of M/s Jetsons Robotics for their module cleaning robots in India. 


Technical Specifications of "Zero" Robots


  1. Supports Water & Water less Cleaning.
  2. Portable from Table to Table.
  3. Row Heights supported 2 M , 4 M.
  4. Row Length Supported 1200 M.
  5. Re-Chargeable Battery / Solar Powered.
  6. Cleaning Speed – 8-10 meter/minutes.
  7. Remote / Local programmable
  8. Warranty – 1 Year or 3 Year(express).
  9. Brushes - 6-6 Soft Nylon bristles.
  10. Travels over aluminum frame of module.
  11. Compatible with most of modules.
  12. No rails required till module gap is more than 150 mm.
  13. Continuous usage of 4 Hrs per day .
  14. Dimensions (HxWxB) – (2/4)x 0.14 x 0.5 M.
  15. Weight – 25 Kg.

Download Robotic module Cleaning m/c details

Performance Statistics

  1.  Min. Cleaning wattage/day - 1.04 MW/Day/robot
  2. Optimum   Cleaning Target/day - 3456 Panels/day/  Robot 
  3. Robot Cost/Gross Merchandise   MWp**- 350/-  *at peak utilisation  
  4. Module Cleaning  Cost / Panel ( Gross Merchandise) - 0.20/-   to 0.30/- /panel  at peak utilisation

*Peak Utilisation of the cleaning frequency is selected such a way that Robot is used for min 4 Hrs per day for min 26 days of a month.**Gross Merchandise MW is total amount of MW that needs to be cleaned in 3 years taking into consideration frequency of cleaning. Modules are assumed to be of 300 Watts# The cost of Robot mentioned above is indicative and has variances based on size of the plant, cleaning frequency and % utilization. It also does not take care of other cost associated with module cleaning like operating manpower, water, electricity etc.  

Benefits of Jetsons Module Cleaning Robot

 •High Quality & uniform cleaning quality

•Offers higher no. of cleaning cycles per month hence higher power generations

•Operates on chargeable batteries, which can be charged using solar energy during day

•Conservative usage of water using combination of water-based and waterless cleaning cycles

•Ease of portability, mobility, serviceability and maintainability.

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Center of Excellence Partner Program

 To create customer experience, Plasmaberry has launched Center of Excellence Partner program. For more details , look out for the section Partner Program or download COEPP document.   

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Modular Robots

Modular Robot schematic depiction

Robotic Module Cleaning System

Jetsons Robotic module cleaning system offers variety of models that supports various needs of the customer. 

Modular Robots for Module Cleaning

Jetsons Robotics has devised new family of Robots which are modular to adjust various Row heights depending on customer site requirements. Current model supports 2M, 4M, 6M without losing any of it's flavor of portability.

How does modular Robot works ?

Standard robotics system of 2M row height is fixed on movable chassis. The chassis height can be selected based on the Row height requirements of the specific solar project. Entire chassis moves on the Module table and cleans 2-M height in one pass. 


  1. Modular Robot offers complete flexibility on the table row height, right from 2-M, 4-M, 6-M. 
  2. 2-M cleaning robot is fixed along with Chassis to support 4-M or 6-M length.
  3. Robot cleans 2-M height row in one pass. 
  4. Robot makes 2 or 3 passes for cleaning 4-M and 6-M row height respectively.
  5. Cleaning speed reduces to 1/2 , 1/3 as row height increases to 4-M & 6-M respectively, 
  6. Cleaning Robot is manually adjusted for upper or bottom row before cleaning cycle is started. 
  7. The chassis can be moved from one table easily. 

Benefits of Modular Design

  1. Since the Robots used in this system is of standard 2M length, customer can use Robotic system for cleaning 2M, 4M, 6M row heights by choosing appropriate chassis. 
  2. Even the Solar projects having combination of Row heights can be supported using multiple chassis. 
  3. Chassis being light weight, the entire unit is portable from one table to another irrespective of the Row height.

Anti-Dust Shield ( ADS) treatment

Additional Information


  • Anti Dust Sheild (ADS) treated panels resist build up of dust, dirt due to Bird Dropping, Sand Abrasion, Carbon particles etc
  • Easy to clean / self-cleaning effect as water rolls of the surface
  • UV-stable, resistant to abrasion, stable at varying temperatures
  • Simple application; cures at atmospheric temperature
  • Biologically safe and Ecologically beneficial 
  • Effective in salty environments
  • Reduced panel cleaning cycles
  • Improved power output 
  • 1 / 2 Years guarantee


Module Cleaning System

Water Distribution System


Water distribution system involves pumping unit, HDPE pipeline and quick release valves. 

  1. Pumping Unit - The unit comprises of precise design of water pumps ( monoblock or vertical inline ) to offer end point pressure of 4 BAR. The unit is protected with motor over running due to lack of water and over current. The control panel ensure smooth start of pump.
  2. The pipeline is designed such a way that water reaches to all the modules with least resistance. Either PVC or HDPE pipes are used for the distribution. HDPE pipes are joined with compression fittings for longer durability.
  3.  At strategic point brass quick release valves are used along with swivel based and service saddle to connect hose easily. 

Water Treatment System


Reverse Osmotic water treatment  system is custom-made packaged unit to treat all types of water problems. It can be easily installed for diverse residential, commercial and industrial application.  The system is designed for TDS ( total dissolved solids )  of 1500 ppm. However, the system can be redesigned as per the water analysis provided by the client.

The standard sizes available are 500 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 Ltr/hr. 

Zincalume based Water Storage System


 We use  storage tanks made out of Zincalume sheets for the water storage, for module cleaning services. 

Zincalume steel has an alloy coating  with 150 / 1100 gram/m2 coating  equally on both sides of the coated strip. These sheets worldwide have set the standard for corrosion resistance and long life and are manufactured as per Australian Standard AS 1397:2002, American Standard ASTM A792M and Indian Standards IS 15961:2012 & ISO 9364. Zincalume steel has the following major advantages over Zinc Galvanized sheets in the same environmental conditions: Zincalume steel delivers outstanding durability, with a lifetime up to four times that of ordinary galvanized steel against corrosion. 

The sizes of the tank are custom built

Module Cleaning System Schematic