Progeny for Dream Bungalow


Progeny ideal fit for Bungalows and independent Houses

Picture shows actual fitout of the progeny family of Solar PV system installed at a weekend bungalow in Ghodbunder, Thane, India 


The bungalow owned by Thane resident is being used as second home for the weekends. Customer wanted to reduce his electricity bill without losing aesthetics of the bungalow

How did we meet customer's requirements

PlasmaBerry team analysed customer site carefully and designed a complete system in a manner that  the electricity generated by Solar PV system from Monday to Friday is sufficient to take care of the consumption on Saturdays & Sundays. This shall bring down electricity to virtual zero. The mounting structure is made elegant enough so as not to disturb elegance of the bungalow and it's colour schema. 

Special characteristics

  • There are 5  Solar Panels mounted on the supporting structure made out of hot dip galvanised L sections with 86 microns to avoid any corrosion due to environment. 
  • The Solar Panels are specially treated with Anti Dust Shielding ( ADS) to avoid any dust accumulation, reducing need for frequent panel cleaning exercise. 
  • The structure is coloured to suit existing color scheme of the bungalow. 
  • The panels are placed in such a way so that there is enough space to facilitate ease of water splashing for general cleaning purposes. 
  • The existing battery inverter is connected to main Solar PV system to offer  electricity support if grid power is lost  & when sun is not available.
  • The lightning arrestor installed, ensure complete protection from lightning  effect for 50m periphery. 

Customer Testimonial

We are extremely happy to have Solar PV system implemented from PlasmaBerry Solar. We found their entire team very supportive and appreciate their professional approach towards their business. We were very apprehensive entrusting any additions by external agency other than our architect, but PlasmaBerry has implemented the Solar project without disturbing the elegance of our  dream house. Thank you very much PlasmaBerry Team. We loved working with you & wish you all the best


Anti Dust Shielding (ADS)

Customer Challenges

The client had installed a 3.3KWp Solar PV plant installed on the terrace of his bungalow at Suratkal ( Near Mangalore ) .Customer was not able to clean to solar panel getting dustier due to Bird sheeting & environmental dust. This has reduced power generation to almost 50% making loss of almost Rs.3000/- per month through additional electricity bill. This is because · 

  • There was no proper access pathway made while installing the Solar Panels · 
  • The Panel Height was higher than water available level.

 Due to these reasons customer has to depend upon availability external labourers , which also added cost of power generation. On the top it, available water level being lower to solar panels, the water splashing did not have enough pressure to remove dust on panels and demanded stronger cleaning by reaching to individual panel, which was a big challenge.  

Solution Offered

PlasmaBerry Team on inspecting the entire installation, suggested their proprietary, Anti Dust Shielding ( ADS) treatment for all the installed panels as immediate recovery. The ADS treatment would ensure · 

  • No dust , either dry or wet, get settled on panel. 
  • The unsettled dust get removed from the panels even by general dusting-off or by simple splashing of the water. 


  • The plant restored back the power as designed after ADS treatment. 
  • The treatment took 24 Hrs to offer desired results. 
  • The plant has not been cleaned for last 2 months without any power degradation.